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June 10 on 10: Olympian Ian Crocker and the Eau Claire Kids Triathlon

Saturday was super exciting!!  First my daughter attended a swim clinic with olympic gold medalist and former world record holder, swimmer Ian Crocker!   It was awesome!  He was so good with them and his story was very inspiring for the kids and for me!   Then my son did his first triathlon!  It was fun to watch.  Every time my kids do a sporting event I get more nervous than I would if I were doing it myself.  I guess it’s a mom thing.   I took pics of him biking and swimming but during the final stretch of the run I was too choked up and busy cheering to get any good shots, lol.  So proud of him and so great to see him giving it his all!

My daughter and one of her good friends from swim team were kind enough to pose for a practice shot.


Getting ready for the triathlon.   

The swim.  

Enjoying the bike ride.


All done!   So tired!


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First off…I love your site! The colors and layout are so pretty! And beautiful shots of the family. How cool to have one with an Olympic gold medalist! And the colors in your photos are really nice, too! So happy you participated this month. :) Keep doing it!

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Pear Blossoms


Our old pear tree is still alive and blooming again this year!

Random March Photos

Warbly is suddenly unfamiliar with my camera…


Our Hibiscus plant survived the winter and is blooming again!


Not an easy winter for our driveway.


This lone leaf somehow survived the winter.


Apparently today was an ideal day to fly a “kite”.   You can barely see it behind her with all the white snow.


October 10 on 10.

I’m happy to be joining a group of great photographers again this month to post 10 photos on the 10th of the month.  These were all taken on the 9th.

This is my favorite time of year in Wisconsin!  I love fall and the weather this week has been great.

An early morning shot of the leaves in the grass.


This painting set-up was still on the table this morning.   Having all of the kids in school this year is a really different experience for me.  It’s been a huge adjustment, which hasn’t always been pretty.  :)


We have a very old and very tall pear tree in our yard.  The pears are almost impossible to pick so when they fall I try to collect them before the bees and squirrels get them, but usually I don’t get them in time.   


Fall colors are starting to peak here in Chippewa Falls.


He was more than happy to cooperate for me to photograph him doing stunts on his bike.  It’s what he loves to do.  


My oldest and her friend working on their homework, or possibly composing a song, which they later sang to me.  


My kindergardener.  :)


This was all their idea.  My girls.  


She’s very excited to have homework this year and would work on it all night if she could.  


Tonight, he finally had a chance to try out the “hobo stove” that he made.  He heated up and ate beans and hotdogs for supper.  


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These are fabulous! I love the cute bike rider :)

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Gorgeous colors!

I love Wisconsin! I have yet to make the trip in the fall, but my parents were just there last weekend and described all of the lovely sights. Your pictures of the fall colors are just beautiful.

These are wonderful Amanda! I love the one of your daughter laying in the leaves! The colors are so vibrant! Great series!!


These are all so awesome! Love them!

Such great October photos! Love the hobo stove!! Looks like such fun!

Love these and I’m jealous of all the Fall colors!


Amanda, these were so enjoyable to see! I am jealous of those beautiful fall leaves! And I love that your son made that cool stove. I think our boys would be great friends!

Wow, amazing fall color! I love the ones on the sidewalk, the little biker and your daughter and her friend. Beautiful spot for photos! Your colors are gorgeous!!!

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